ECO Canada

Enviromental Explainer Videos

Services Provided:
Script Writing, Storyboarding, Animation

Engaging with the environmental sector through animated videos

ECO Canada has devoted over 30 years to building the world’s leading environmental workforce. They drive sustainable economic growth and promote environmental best practices through a variety of initiatives — from professional designations, to training courses, to one of the country’s largest environmental job boards.

ECO Canada partnered with Maven to create a series of animated explainer videos, communicating their diverse offerings to stakeholders across the environmental sector.

Creating the Content


Maven collaborated with ECO Canada to outline the key messages of each explainer video. We then used this messaging to develop written scripts, complete with V/O and visual notes.

Character Design

We designed a diverse collection of characters to appear across ECO Canada’s videos, establishing a distinct — and consistent — visual identity. This key step allowed us to efficiently build characters with different appearances and props for each video.


Maven adapted the scripts and character designs into full storyboards, providing ECO Canada still images of each key scene throughout the videos. In this stage, we combined various backgrounds and characters to communicate information in a compelling way — while also continuously integrating ECO Canada’s feedback on tone and messaging.


Once the storyboards were finalized, we brought them to life with dynamic motion design. Each video features unique animations and transitions, providing different topics with enough variety to stand out within the larger collection.

Sound Design

Maven then coordinated with a voice over artist, creating compelling narration to reinforce the visuals. We also completed sound design for each video, mixing music and sound effects to make the deliverables even more dynamic and engaging.

The end result

ECO Canada’s new collection of explainer videos provide a clear overview of their diverse service offerings — all while engaging viewers with colorful, dynamic animation. These videos will continue to serve as a useful introduction for interested environmental professionals, and an ongoing resource for long-time partners.