Who we are

& where we came from

We are Maven Media Group

Passionate, idea-driven and content-focused, we pride ourselves on delivering purposeful solutions that inspire and help our clients connect with their audiences in an authentic way. We work closely and seamlessly with our clients – providing complete transparency, and most importantly, outstanding solutions to your marketing needs.

Where we work

Spanning marketing and production, our team coordinates as a group from day one. We drive projects from planning to production to distribution and ensure consistency throughout the entire process.

Office & Production

Our head office is located on 10th ave in Calgary’s beltline. The location features a main working area for the marketing team as well as two dedicated edit rooms for video production or live broadcast.

Production & Storage

Additional office space and our production shop are located at TradeSpace in SE Calgary. We are proud members of the TradeSpace community which looks to promote collaboration through the concept of co-warehousing.

How we got here

With the common goal of creating innovative marketing content, Popeye Media and Social Stoke formally merged into Maven Media Group. After working together on numerous projects over the years, we realized that many of our clients and their customers were all focused on one thing – great content. By combining creative teams, we now offer marketing and production services that are based on one cohesive strategy and end-to-end customer service.

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