The Crossing Group

Case study: Taking connections further with a full-service marketing approach

Services Provided:
Website Design, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Social Media, Photography, Video Production

A leader in trenchless construction

The Crossing Group is one of the largest trenchless construction companies in North America. Maven works to help The Crossing Group achieve their marketing goals by making strategic recommendations and providing full-service marketing support. Below is a look at some of the projects we've helped with over the years.

Short social videos

Short social videos have been a key part of The Crossing Groups ongoing social media content calendar. The short fromat allows us to present project stories in a consumable way, and make use of user generated content from the field whether that be simple iPhone photos/video or professionally captured footage.

Delta BC

Rehoboth Beach

Graphic design

Graphic design has been a big part of our work with The Crossing Group. Whether it’s social graphics, advertisements, infographics, or print materials such as business cards, hats, and letterhead, design supports almost every marketing initiative we take on.

Website updates

Maven is continuously working to improve the overall look and functionality of the website. We worked to add pages, update content, and ensure the best customer experience possible. Reconfiguring the site map, adding new services, and writing case studies are just a few of the updates we’ve completed to improve the site. 

Digital campaigns

A large number of The Crossing Group’s customers and potential customers are on LinkedIn, making it a great platform for connecting with them. In addition to ongoing organic social, we've developed advertising campaigns complete with landing pages optimized for lead generation.

Digital Advertisements
Targeted landing page

Brand videos

Strong construction branding is a necessity for The Crossing Group. To push the brand to the next level, we developed a series of brand videos highlighting the best attributes of each division. 

Motion design

One of Maven's more unique services in terms of full-service marketing is motion design. We’ve contributed to a library of GIFs on the website which aim to educate customers on how each trenchless construction method works.

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