STAR Building Materials

Case study: Creating a high-impact brand video

Materials that inspire

Lumber, trusses, shingles, drywall - how can any of these be communicated into a strong story that emotionally connects with an audience in less than 2 minutes? STAR Building Materials reached out to us Mavens for some help and we knew just what to do.

Built for a purpose

This video was intended to be shown at Calgary’s biggest home building industry event, the BILD Awards, which meant we needed to capture the attention of an audience that is mingling and networking. At the same time, we wanted to create a video that was timeless and could be used beyond the event.

The production process

We worked closely with STAR to develop a thoughtful story, meet their messaging requirements, and ensure that all the pieces were in place before shooting day.

  • Creative brief
  • Style guidelines & inspiration
  • Script writing & story boarding
  • Location scout
  • Voice auditions & screening

Production was completed in one day to minimize disruption to STAR’s daily operations. Most of the shots were pre-planned but on-site creativity and ideas always happen on the fly.

  • Showroom and office shots
  • Warehouse and shop footage
  • Timelapse and slow motion
  • Voice recording

All the pieces came to life in our edit suites. The video went through a series of iterations internally and with our client until it was perfect.

  • Footage intake and organization
  • Editing
  • Graphics and masking
  • Colour grading
  • Sound design and mastering

The final product

What STAR has to say

“The team at Maven was very knowledgeable, understanding and most of all creative. They were able to take my vision and transform it into a beautiful story that can be shared with all of our current customers and hopefully new ones too. They were collaborative and listen to my feedback, but also walked me through the process, providing support and direction when needed. I had a very positive experience working with the team at Maven and will use them again for future projects.” - Jaimie Firlotte, Marketing Coordinator

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