Case Study: Delivering knockout live production services

This is Dekada

Known as a driving force in the professional boxing world, Dekada strives to tell the stories of upcoming professional boxers and entertain fans in an unconventional way. Dekada and Maven’s first match was in February 2017, and we have been involved in Dekada Fight Night through to the Contender Series.

Knockout Production

We brought our production skills forward to make each Dekada show something special. On show day, we roll in our mini broadcast van with anywhere from 3-6 cameras, depending on the needs of the specific show, complete with a four-channel instant replay system, video playout server, broadcast audio equipment, and of course an expert crew to tie it all together. Our mission was to achieve the best results possible, every time.

Outside the Boxing Ring

We helped boxing fans all over the world witness Dekada’s thrilling match-ups via pay-per-view live streams. To raise the production value of the live show experience, we sent our feed to large LED projector screens at the boxing venues.

In this day and age, if you didn't catch it on camera, did it even happen?  Knowing this, we made sure all the original video and audio feeds were recorded so they could be re-mastered and distributed for fans to enjoy for years to come.

Photographs used in this case study are courtesy of Cage Side Photography. All video and behind-the-scenes imagery were shot by the Maven team. This project was originally completed by Popeye Media, which is now Maven Media Group Inc.

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