Dynamic Risk

Case study: Full-service marketing support and video production for a global SAS company

Services Provided:
Video Production, Post Production, Graphic Design, Marketing, Event Coordination

About Dynamic Risk

Dynamic Risk is a trusted pipeline risk management company that is revolutionizing the energy industry. With their risk and integrity software applications and consulting services, they help clients make timely and data driven decisions using technology enabled solutions. Maven has provided ongoing marketing support for Dynamic Risk over the years including everything from video production to marketing materials to live events.

Video production

Corporate overview video


Maven has created a wide range of videos for Dynamic Risk. This corporate overview video was created to provide a high-level overview of the company and serve as a key content piece on the website. The project involved scriptwriting, voiceover talent sourcing, stock footage selection, editing, and custom motion graphics.

Software promotional videos


To help in the early sales stages, we distilled Dynamic Risk’s complex software applications into short promotional videos to explain what key problems their software products solve. We also created versions in different languages to cater to their global audience.

To dive even deeper into the details, we produced workflow videos using recordings of their applications as the foundation. These videos highlighted the specific features of each software product. We then added motion graphics to enhance the interface and showcase key features and capabilities.

Corporate materials and graphic design

We supported Dynamic Risk’s marketing team with design and other materials as needed on a month-to-month basis. Whether it was a busy event season or changes to their internal resources, Maven provided flexible design-related support.

Tradeshow booth display
Tradeshow booth display
Sales sheets

Social media graphics

It’s important for a company like Dynamic Risk to maintain its professional and polished brand on all fronts - including social media. We’ve designed various branded graphics on an ongoing basis to create a cohesive polish on their LinkedIn page.

Logos & branding

Building upon their existing visual brand, we designed a 25th anniversary logo and event branding for their annual Partner’s Conference.


To bring it all to life, short animations were created to add motion into their main logo and event logos. These assets were then used in videos and during their live events.

Hover over the image to reveal the animation

Virtual events

Dynamic Risk hosts its Partner’s Conference each year, which provides a chance for employees, clients, and industry partners to connect. Maven helped take the conference fully virtual through the pandemic with an online registration system, landing page, and custom video platform. We live switched the broadcast, played back pre-recorded presentations with a live host, and ensured all assets were complete with Dynamic Risk branding.

What Dynamic Risk has to say

“They had everything together and were very transparent in communication. They’d take it upon themselves to take initiative and develop what they felt was right. It’s remarkable how they can take detailed technical information, understand it, and put it into a consumable format.”

Tracey Murray - Manager of Marketing and Communications, Dynamic Risk

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