Dr. Tracy Thomson

Case study: Developing a personal brand and website

A highly sought after expert in her field

Dr. Tracy Thomson is a practicing family medical doctor, educator, and speaker. Drawing from various chapters of a long career in traditional, western, Chinese and functional medicine, Dr. Thomson understands the big picture and assesses people on a truly multifactorial level. Dr. Thomson approached Maven looking to develop her personal brand and launch a website for her new private practice.

Personal brand & logo

Our goal was to develop a personal brand that built upon Dr. Thomson's legacy and reflected her personal style. This work included brand strategy, positioning, and visual brand identity development. We delivered a set of brand assets and a brand identity document to clearly articulate her brand to her team and future stakeholders.


Dr. Thomson's personal brand is centred around her medical background and her approachability. Photos play a key role in communicating these points, so we coordinated a photoshoot with these goals in mind and ensured the final images were inline with her new visual identity.


When building a new website, we set out to create something that could serve as a foundation and clearly communicate who Dr. Thomson is and why she is so different from other physicians. We wanted a design that was simple and that would be easy for her team to update as new resources were added to the site.

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