Canadian Women's Hockey League

Case study: Providing an authentic live sports broadcast

Streaming the home team in their hometown

Based in Ottawa, our client iSi Live provides fully integrated webcasting solutions, allowing their clients to capture and broadcast their events, live, with the help of high definition streaming. We were asked to handle all the production needs for the Calgary Inferno - a part of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. Our team provided live streaming services for their home games - allowing ice hockey fans across the country to tune in and support their favourite team.

Sports broadcast - the unconventional way

Using our three camera sports video flypack, we send our video signal out to iSi Live's servers which is then viewed by hundreds of hockey fans across the country. To provide viewers with an authentic sports broadcast experience, we used an overlay of graphics including a game clock, scores and penalties. Our team also provided a high quality audio mix which included using commentator headsets and rink mics for ambient sound. This put viewers right in the middle of the body checking, puck passing action.

Raising the production quality

Every year, we strive to raise the production quality for Calgary Inferno’s home games. So much so that we’ve developed a great reputation and are highly recognized in the league for our quality production and crew. We’re happy to say that we’ve providing live streaming services for Calgary Inferno’s home games since 2015!

This project was originally completed by Popeye Media, which is now Maven Media Group Inc.

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