The Importance of Sound Design in Video

What is Sound Design

When you think about the editing process behind a video you probably think about visual elements or even the music that’s used to accompany them. But what about the swooshes, chatter, nature sounds, and background noise that can elevate a video and help it feel more real for the audience? 

Sound design is an integral, yet often overlooked aspect of video post-production that involves creating and synchronizing audio recordings and sound effects. It’s used in a variety of disciplines to help the audience intuitively feel like they’re truly a part of what’s being shown to them on screen.

The most apparent, and sometimes most memorable implementation of sound design, is in animated videos where all of the audio elements are added during the post-production process. Whether it's a "pop" sound when a graphic appears on screen, or a sound effect to accompany a logo animation, these sounds have a tendency to stick with the audience (the intel and THX sound logos are forever etched into my brain.) These sorts of sound effects are just the tip of the sound design iceberg.

Why Is Sound Design an Essential Part of Video?

In modern movies, TV shows, and commercials, almost every shot is accompanied by a unique soundscape that helps set the scene.

A shot of characters eating at a restaurant wouldn't feel right if you couldn't hear some indistinct background chatter, cutlery rattling around on plates, and footsteps of restaurant staff navigating the crowded floor.

The audio elements that accompany even the most mundane activities on screen are often complex, highly processed, multi-layered sonic compositions with significant thought put into every minuscule sound. The combination and interaction between audio and visual elements is what makes video such an immersive form of media. 

Sound design for advertisements

The example below is a snippet from an ad Maven produced for Qualico Communities as an advertisement for their stake in the Painted Sky community. The first half of this video is just music and video, and the second half includes sound design. Have a listen. Headphones, earbuds, or high quality speakers are recommended.

As you can hear, when sound design is added, a whole other dimension is introduced to the video. The setting feels more realistic, and the community feels more like a place to call home and less like a collection of pixels on a screen. This aspect of realism is crucial for making an effective advertisement. 

Using our housing developer as an example, many factors have to work in tandem to persuade a potential homebuyer to settle down in a certain community. While choosing a beautiful home, a relatable family of actors, and a picturesque location are each important factors in creating the desired feeling, they aren’t nearly as impactful without sound design.

Sound Design for Your Next Video

There’s no denying that sound design plays an essential role in increasing the quality of your videos and creating more impactful video advertisements. At Maven, we have our very own in-house Sound Designer who can work with you to achieve the distinct feeling you’re going for and elevate your video as a whole. Ready to start? Get in touch with us today!

Written by Edison

Written by Edison

Sound Designer & Editor