Case study: Interview-style product case study video

Going to new heights

SKYTRAC is a global leader in satellite communications and intelligent connectivity solutions. In an effort to improve connectivity in the area of emergency medical care and transportation for the critically ill and injured, SKYTRAC collaborated with STARS Air Ambulance. This partnership, along with many others, has created the opportunity for air medical operators to transmit real-time patient medical data.

Planning an interview style video

SKYTRAC reached out to Maven to create an interview style case study video that would showcase the success of their partnership with STARS. Maven worked with the SKYTRAC team to plan out the video and shoot day with everything from interview question prep to shot list planning.

The production process

"Maven's project management style was a breath of fresh air."
- Reuben Mann, Head of Marketing, SKYTRAC

We worked closely with SKYTRAC to develop a thoughtful story, meet their messaging requirements, and outline all the interview questions and shot lists needed for filming day.

  • Creative brief
  • Style guidelines and inspiration
  • Interview planning and story boarding
  • Location planning and coordination
  • COVID and airport safety planning

Production was completed in one day to minimize disruption to STARS' daily active operations. Interviews were coordinated to best fit STARS' schedule and b-roll was collected in-between.

  • Interviews
  • Hangar and shop footage
  • Aircraft footage (indoor and outdoor)
  • SKYTRAC product specific shots
  • Control centre b-roll

All the pieces came to life in our edit suites and utilized the full skill set of our editing team. Throughout the processs we worked closely with both SKYTRAC and STARS to align the details and ensure the final edit was perfect.

  • Footage intake and organization
  • Editing
  • Custom motion graphics and animation
  • Colour grading
  • Sound design and mastering

Capturing the perfect shots

The Maven team headed to the STARS facility on shoot day to capture interviews with key members along with b-roll footage of working staff, equipment, helicopters, and more.

The final result

Once the video content was captured, Maven pieced together an inspiring video complete with on-screen motion graphics that helped communicate each of the main points of the video. Detailed planning ahead of time, high quality footage, and a skilled approach to editing came together to create a video that would uplift and inspire audiences for years to come.

What SKYTRAC has to say

“They were timely with their deliverables, congnizant of our deadlines, and worked to ensure we were happy with the product. Their tools were collaborative, and allowed for easy inputs, comments, and clarifications to be taken into consideration. This was great as a company that is not located in Alberta. It was like they were just in the office next door.

We showcased the video online and at a tradeshow which garnered a lot of attention. The video helped drive over 20,000 online views through LinkedIn alone, and strengtened our partnership with STARS."

- Reuben Mann, Head of Marketing, SKYTRAC

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