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Case study: Transforming educational content into engaging student videos

Services Provided:
Video Production, Post Production
Client: Fidelity Manufacturing Group
Services Provided: Branding, Web, Video, Photography, Social media
Industry: Industrial

Preparing young people to succeed

JA Canada is the largest non-profit youth business organization in the country. They are dedicated to the success of young people and work to both inspire and prepare them to flourish in our global economy. JA had a series of student videos they wanted to improve upon, and connected with Maven to help transform this old educational content into a new set of engaging videos.

Script redevelopment and video planning

The initial steps for the project included taking the key messaging from the original videos and redeveloping them into a new set of concepts that would be both entertaining and educational. We developed four new scripts complete with visual cues, ideas for graphic overlays, and a plan to use actors/actresses to deliver the messaging in a witty and funny way.

Talent search

Ahead of production day, we completed a search to find the perfect actor and actress for the job. Candidates sent in audition videos and we worked with the JA team to narrow down the options and choose our top two actors for each role.

The production process

We followed a specific workflow throughout the production process to ensure every detail was accounted for and to guarantee a high quality end product.

In preparation for the shoot, we booked studio space and determined what we’d need in terms of production (camera, audio, and lighting). We also put together a schedule and sourced all the props we’d need for the shoot.

On production day, our team was on site to capture the videos and direct the shoot. Maven’s Director of Photography (DP) and Account Manager were there to ensure the best script delivery possible and keep the production on schedule.

Once the shoot was completed, the footage was brought back to our studio for editing and assembly. This included colour grading, audio mastering, motion design, and placement of the graphics. We worked with the JA team on their revisions to create a final set of videos that achieved their initial vision.

On-screen motion graphics

As part of the post-production process, we designed custom motion graphics to help reinforce the key messaging of each video.

The final product

The end result was four new videos that keep viewers engaged through quick-witted humour, exciting graphics and visuals, and high quality footage. Give them a watch to see for yourself!

What JA has to say

I cannot say enough good things about Maven Media Group. If you are looking for pre-produced content, support for a virtual event, a bit of both, or any other media support, you can’t go wrong with this company.

— Melissa From, President & CEO, JA Southern Alberta

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