Case Study: 7 Influencers, 7 Days, 1 Tee, 0 Washes

What impact does a t-shirt have?

Washing synthetic clothing releases plastic microfibers into the oceans – up to 700,000 in one wash. Today, micro-fibers make up 85% of human-made debris on shorelines around the globe.  As part of their Move to natural™ initiative, Icebreaker is leading the charge against ocean plastics with clothing made from natural fibers that inherently needs less washing.

Changing perceptions around washing.

To bring awareness to the growing microplastic problem, we connected Icebreaker with 7 influencers across the US and Canada and tasked them with the 7 days, 1 tee, 0 washes challenge to bring awareness to the growing microplastic problem.

Brand alignment was key, so we looked for influencers who clearly practiced sustainable lifestyles and lived up the #MovetoNatural message. Each influencer was tasked with sharing their week through Instagram with engaging stories and photos.

63 posts, 0 washes.

The feedback from the campaign was overwhelmingly positive. The influencers were blown away by the response from their audience and many engaged in DM conversations with their followers about the initiative and the microplastic issue.

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