Glacier Communications

Case study: Developing marketing assets for brand impact

About Glacier Communications

Glacier Communications is an agency that specializes in high school advertising for higher education institutes. They operate an extensive high school advertising network and run digital and social ads across North America. Maven has supported the team at Glacier on everything from branding to white paper development and ad design. 

Building a visual brand

Maven worked to complete Glacier’s visual brand identity by expanding on their original logo and iconic blue colour. This included completing their colour palette, font families, and other graphic elements. We also develop a formal brand guide to help to ensure the brand is always adequately represented.  

Data and stats - made easy

How can a bunch of raw data and stats be transformed into digestible content for Glacier’s clients? From writing to design to layout, Maven created a series of white papers filled with insightful industry information.

Promoting on social

Various motion-based and static social media ads were designed to encourage their audience to download the white papers mentioned above. All were optimized and sized for a variety of platforms.


There’s a lot that goes into creating successful higher ed advertising campaigns, whether it’s strategic messaging or considering things such as video content and the psychology behind advertising. We created a series of blogs on these topics that help position Glacier as a thought leader in their industry.

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