Creating impactful case study videos

Services Provided:
Filming, Editing

Telling Engaging Client Stories

ATB Financial uses its team’s diverse expertise to provide sector-specific support for Alberta businesses. These partnerships are customized for each client, which means that each relationship has its own distinct characteristics.

ATB partnered with Maven to create a series of case study videos highlighting some of their exciting client collaborations. These videos, intended for a wide social media audience, were designed to tell each client’s unique business story — while exploring how ATB helped support them along the way.

Creating the Content

1. Setting up the shoots

Maven and ATB arranged half-day shoots at each client’s office, working around their schedules to ensure our work didn’t interfere with regular operations. When the day arrived, our team set up in an agreed-upon space for each interview, preparing the lighting and framing to suit the specific conditions.

2. Filming the interviews

While Maven filmed each interview, an ATB representative asked the client pre-arranged questions about their operations and partnership. Having ATB generate and ask the questions provided the interviews with a more relaxed, conversational tone — ideal for communicating the human connections behind each collaboration.

Meanwhile, Maven’s audio and video experts used two cameras, three-point lighting, and microphones to capture the conversation at the highest quality possible.

3. Capturing B-roll

To further distill each client’s unique personality into the videos, Maven captured B-roll footage around their offices — once again, careful to avoid interfering with daily operations. This step also provided visual variety, allowing us to intercut the interview with engaging and cinematic footage.

4. Editing the videos

Our editing team pieced together the footage to satisfy the messaging requirements of both ATB and their clients. We worked to maintain a consistently upbeat tone across the full collection of videos, showing the excitement each party feels toward their business partnership.

Maven created horizontal and vertical versions of each case study, providing ATB the flexibility to utilize them across all of their channels.

What ATB has to say

We are always impressed with the quality of their work, the fair and reasonable costs, the number of options they provide us, as well as their responsiveness. We appreciate that they represent our firm with complete professionalism at all times. But mostly, we just like working with them because they are all so lovely and great at what they do!

Lori Dundas,
Marketing Associate Director

The end result

To date, Maven has produced eight case study videos for ATB Financial — each telling its own human-oriented success story. As they continue to expand their video catalogue with meaningful client relationships, ATB gains even more ways to demonstrate their far-reaching impacts on businesses across Alberta.