Qualico Communities

Case Study: Putting the Qualico dream in motion

Much more than fabulous neighbourhoods

Qualico Communities does more than develop neighbourhoods and sell homes - they create spaces which foster close knit relationships. Spaces that provide people with access to amenities which allow them to build and live the life of their dreams. We were asked to bring the ideal lifestyles of Redstone and Evanston residents to life with the help of tailored stock video content. With this being one of many collaborations with Qualico, we were up for the challenge!

The Qualico lifestyle

In collaboration with our key video partners, we created a large set of lifestyle stock footage for the Redstone and Evanston communities. The custom stock footage, both long and short form, was optimized to be used on all digital platforms. Our team wanted the footage to showcase the unique selling points of the Evanston and Redstone communities. We wanted to showcase the reasons why so many Calgarians chose to plant their family’s roots here.

With 2.3 km of winding pathways which connect residents to each other and to the the great outdoors, Redstone’s lifestyle video content showed residents taking advantage of the expansive green space in the community.

Evanston, the epitome of suburban living, is ideal for growing families. We showcased all the amenities like schools, parks and the town centre, which allow young families to establish an exciting and balanced lifestyle.

All images and videos used in the case study are the property of Qualico Communities. Only the videos were shot by the Maven team.
This project was originally completed by Social Stoke Inc, which is now Maven Media Group Inc.

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