Qualico Communities

Case Study: Building communities in the social media world

Qualico gets social

Longstanding clients, Qualico Communities is a fully integrated real estate developer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Qualico has built a reputation for creating spaces that nurture relationships and foster a sense of community and they came to us looking for a new way to forge authentic lasting relationships with homeowners. They wanted the relationship between them, and their residents to go beyond the sale of a home and into the social media world, and we were more than happy to help them achieve this.

A community built with you in mind

We embarked on this project with the hopes of replicating that sense of togetherness found in every Qualico community and bringing it online. Our aim was to build on the love that residents have for their communities and the pride they feel being a part of this vibrant city.

In two years, we’ve built an engaging online community around the hashtag #QualicoYYC. With a specially tailored content mix focusing on design, community lifestyle, amenities and industry trends, we turned QualicoYYC’s social media platforms to the go-to source for homeowners. They could engage with created and sourced content which piqued their interests, participate in competitions, keep up with happenings in the city, engage with other residents, and of course, keep up with their favourite residential developer.

Keeping things fresh was another important part of the execution. We made sure to create and source new relevant content weekly. We also accompanied this with an innovative hashtag strategy, giving Qualico’s content a wider reach and increased engagement levels.

Friends for life

Our focus was always on building a genuine audience and managing Qualico’s social media profiles taught us that great friendships are established when people have things in common. Our efforts increased Qualico Communities’ social media reach and follower count by a whopping 3,406 people - achieving an average engagement rate of 3.6%.

We’ve also generated a lot of traffic for Qualico. Not only has our social media efforts increased showhome visits, we’ve also brought in quality leads with an average of 32.7% of qualified web traffic coming in from social media.

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All images and videos used in the case study are the property of Qualico Communities. Only the videos were shot by the Maven team. This project was originally completed by Social Stoke Inc, which is now Maven Media Group Inc.