Men’s Roller Derby World Cup

Case Study: Broadcasting the biggest event on the roller derby calendar

Skate Hard, Turn Left

The biggest event on the roller derby calendar, the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup brings the best of the best in the sport to face off in action-packed games. In 2016, top-tier roller derby teams brought their talents to Calgary for the 2016 World Cup competition. With a venue and sponsors secured, the only thing missing was a broadcasting crew - and that's where we came in. We were brought on to cover and live stream the non-stop four-day event, so fans can watch their favourite athletes zig-zag in high speed to the coveted first place prize.

Video for high speed action

Summer 2016 was finally upon us and it was time to spread the word and ramp up the excitement surrounding the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup. We produced pre-event promo videos using short action-packed clips from previous World Cups, and accompanied them with a hard-core rock-n-roll soundtrack to communicate the high energy nature of the sport.

On the day of the men’s roller derby tournament, we brought our production expertise alongside seven cameras, a studio set and back up 4G internet connection - just in case. We provided non-stop live stream coverage of the four-day event, covering two derby tracks. To make sure fans were able to soak in all the action, our live-stream offered instant replays, standard derby graphics and great cuts from one angle to another.

All the images used in the case study are the property of the Men's Roller Derby World Cup. Header photograph by joe mac / midnightmatinee photography. The Video was shot by the Maven Media team. This project was orginally completed by Popeye Media, which is now Maven Media Group Inc.

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